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  • Values and Ethics

  • Mr. Idli is kind!

  • Giving back

  • Ethics has become a key business concern over the past few years for restaurant businesses. Following are the five most important ethics we value at all times:

    • Customer Connection.
    • Team Value.
    • Environmental Outlook
    • Fair Trading.
    • Transparency and Reflexivity.
  • Apart from food, we deeply care for those around us. We seek to recruit the bulk of our lower level management from the bottom rungs of society to provide them with stable livelihoods and professional experience.

    Our work environment is safe, positive and non-discriminating.

  • We are always looking to give back to society. Mr. Idli works with various organisations to support education schemes and health care facilities for children in need.

  • Mr.Idli - GivingBack
  • Mr.Idli - GivingBack
  • Mr.Idli - GivingBack