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Mr.Idli - Restaurant Business
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Business Model 2

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Investment Breakup

Mr.Idli-Healthy & Delicious
AREA:800 Sqft-1200 Sqft
Kitchen Equipment Bulk Burners,Charcoal Tandoor,Work Table,Pickup Table,sinks,Refrigerators, Freezers,PuliVerizes,Indian Curry Burners,Chinese Burners,Deep fat fryers,Dosa plate. 428,000.00
Exhaust & Fresh Air System Exhaust 500 sq ft. for 1200 Sqft Area Exhaust & Fresh Air Hood,Duct & Branded Blowers. 180,000.00
Operations Tools Various Utensils,Serving Tools,Cutting Tools,Storing,Serving outlery,Acrylic/Bone China/Steel Plating,Cooker, Indian Kadai,Gravy Kadai,Chinese Wok,Fry Pans,Saute Pans,Basins,Ladles,Spoons,Spatula,Skewers,Chinese Ladle,Sizzler Plates, Lassi making Machine,Water Glasses,Water Jugs,Water Kettle,Table setup Tools,idli cookers,Coffee filter,milk boiler, Sandwich maker. 320,000.00
Uniforms company Standard Uniforms like Branded Chef coats,Aprons,Kitchen Working Chef shoes,Kitchen Dusters,Chef's Head Goar,Manager Uniform, Captain Uniform,Utility Workers safety uniforms,Cashier Uniform,Doorman Uniform. (Service Team Shoes & Utility Shoes not included and can be purchased locally). 94,000.00
Packing Materials Eco friendly packing materials with branding which are curry box,Biryani Box,Starter Box,Soup Box,Lassi Cup,Carry Bags, Branded paper Napkins 60,000.00
POS, software Hardware & CCTV Company standard point of sale billing software,Buisness Analysis,Customer Feedback,Mobile Order Taking,Touch Screen System for Cashier and Inside the kitchen,Inventory Management System, P & L,Marketing Tools 236,000.00
Furniture & complete Brand Interior Elements Tables,Chairs,Cash Counters,side stations and (Sofas and partitions if any), Elements for the Brand Mr.idli 212,000.00
Branding High Quality LED Sign Board,Running LED Boards,Direction LED Boards,Menu Cards,Flyers,Menu Display Boards ,Restaurant Internal Branding Collaterals 206,000.00
Manpower Recruitment Charges Recruitment Process Including Adverts & Press Releases,Travel food & Accomodation of HR Team for 15 days ,HR policy Implementation , 100,000.00
Online marketing Social and reputation management One time Setup , 3 months Online Promotion with online partners 50,000.00
House Keeping & Safety Tools House keeping set,kitchen weighing machine ,kitchen day storage Racks,Fire Extinguisher. 64,000.00
Franchisee Fee Project cost Before GST 1,950,000.00
General Client Scope You will be Investing Directly for Music System ,TV,AC ,Plumbing ,electrical,painting,wall tiling,Flooring , etc. 300,000.00
Franchise Fee Exclusive of GST 400,00.00
Grand Total Rupees Twenty six lakh fifty thousand only 2,650,000.00

Return over Investment (Sample)

Return on Investment
Mr.Idli-Healthy & Delicious
AREA :800 Sqft-1200 Sqft
SALES Unit Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
Projected Daily Sale from Dine-in,Home Delivery & Take Away. Rs./day 60,000 50,000 40,000
Annual Turnover Rs./Year 21,900,000 18,250,000 14,600,000
Monthly Manpower Room Rental 10,000 10,000 10,000
Monthly Rentals @ Rs.120 per Sqft x 1500 Sqft 144,000 144,000 144,000
Monthly Manpower Cost 180,000 180,000 180,000
Total Monthly Fixed Costs 334,000 334,000 334,000
Annual Fixed Expenses 4,008,000 4,008,000 4,008,000
Monthly Food Cost 30% 547,500 456,250 365,000
Monthly Energy Cost 18% 328,500 273,750 219,000
Monthly Royality 0% - - -
Total Monthly Variable Costs 48% 876,000 730,000 584,000
Annual Variable Expenses 10,512,000 8,760,000 7,008,000
Total Expenses PA 14,520,000 12,768,000 11,016,000
Gross Profit 7,390,000 5,482,000 3,594,000
Gross Profit/Month 615,000 456.833 298.567
Project Cost 1,950,000 1,950,000 1,950,000
Franchise Fee 400,000 400,000 400,000
General Scope 300,000 300,000 300,000
Total Investment 2,650,000 2,650,000 2,650,000
Return on Investment in Months 4 6 9
Remaining Months for 5 year period 56 54 51
Total income for 5 years over and above the return on investment period 34,250,000 24,760,000 15,270,000
Number of times the return on investment for 5 years period 14 10 7

Franchise FAQs

What is Indian Franchise Information & International Franchise Information?

The Indian Franchise Information is for investors who are interested to be a Franchisee Owner of Mr. Idli at India. International Franchisee Information is for those who are interested for International Franchisee Ownership of Mr. Idli.

What is a Franchise Fee?

Franchise Fee is a Fee paid towards the usage of the brand name, logo, systems, recipes and procedures of the brand. Franchise fee is paid for the period of the usage mentioned in the agreement.

Is there any royalty for Mr. Idli franchise business?

There is no royalty for Mr. Idli Franchise business.

Who is going to select the location for the business?

We will help you in location finalization only if you are having locations with you as per our requirements. We will provide exact investment along with return over investment details for the location selected.

Who is going to pay the fixed and the variable expenses of the business?

The Franchisee Owner of Mr. Idli should take care of Franchise business fixed expenses (Rent, Salary, etc) & Variable Expenses (LPG, Electricity, etc)

Can we do the changes in the menu?

No. Only after the approval from the Mr. Idli Owner (Chef Shajahan M ABDUL).

What are the support you provide to operate Mr. Idli Franchise before and after the start-up of the business?

Before the start – up we provide the following support:

  • Location Feasibility & Location Selection.
  • Design assistants like 2D & 3D.
  • Implementation of project (Kitchen Equipment, Exhaust, Operation Tools, Uniforms, Branding, Interiors).
  • Manpower Selection, Training, Recruitment, HR Policy Implementation.
  • Vendor Selection, Store setup, Licensing assistants, Pre – launch trail.
  • Information Technology Implementation & Training.
  • Food Tasting, GrandLaunch.

After the start – up we provide the following support:

  • Post Launch Auditing for Manpower, Operations & Training.
  • Track over your sales & increase profitability by monthly advises based on your P&L & Balance sheet for the month.
  • Continuous support on manpower training & development.
  • Raw material supply based on your usage or menu items sales.
  • Menu engineering every 3 months.
  • Secret visit by the company to update you the operation issues & food taste quality.

What are the list of materials you supply for the project from Mysore?

Following are the list of items supplied from Mr. Idli:

  • Kitchen Equipment.
  • Kitchen Tools.
  • Service Tools.
  • Uniforms.
  • Interiors like tables, chairs, sofa, side station, cash tables, waiting lounge, and wall decoration.
  • Branding like menu card, flyers, tent cards, sign board, display board, etc.
  • Information technology like software for billing, customer feedback, inventory management.
  • Storage solution.
  • Garbage solution.

Where is Mr. Idli head office?

Mr. Idli head office is at Mysore, Karnataka.

Who is a Franchisee & Franchisor?

Franchisee is the one who takes the business license to manage the systems of the business at his/her location. Franchisor is the ultimate owner of the business who has created a successful business formula and wishes to spread his food and service by associating with the Franchisee.

What are the masalas you provide from Mysore & how you will supply regularly?

We will supply the complete menu recipe solutions for your business operations. We have nationwide tie-up for logistic support to supply raw materials in time.

What will be the cost of your raw materials? How much we need to order to start the business with the stock for 3 months?

The stock of raw materials will be highly competitive and cost effective. You need to have an order of Rs. 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh to manage the business operations smoothly.

What are the manuals which you will handover to operate the business smoothly?

  • Recipe Manual
  • HR Policy Manual
  • SOP Manual
  • Plate Manual
  • Software Manual
  • Cost & Yield Manual
  • Inventory Management Manual
  • Marketing Tools Manual

How do you support manpower supply & how you will support during crisis?

We will provide you the required manpower for your business through our recruitment process. We provide you with 24x7 manpower support at all times as we have the backup teams to rescue during any unforeseen situations on charges.

What will happen if I am not able to manage profitable business?

You will be guided on various marketing & promotional activities. Also, you can resell your business to someone interested at your location. We also help you in this process.

What if I want to come out of the business due to personal issue?

We will help you during this period to take over or sell the business to someone interested at your location.

Who will select the vendors for the supply of raw materials?

We will select the vendors for the supply of Fresh vegetables, greens & dairies.

Is there any discount in Franchise Fee?

No discount in Franchise Fee.

Can I renew the agreement after the term? What will be the charges for the renewal?

Yes, you can renew the agreement without any further charges.

What is the profit percentage of each menu items in Mr. Idli menu?

400% - 500%

What is the territory rights which I will be allowed to operate?

3 Kilometres.

Do you provide exclusive rights for our territory to operate Mr. Idli franchise at your location?


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