Location Advice to do Mr. Idli Franchise Business:

Not every available space is right for Mr. Idli restaurant business. A good restaurant location is harder to find than some people think. What may look like the perfect spot- say a bustling pedestrian street in the heart of downtown- may turn out to be a dud. Other times a spot that you would never think to put a restaurant – like in an old market lane in a old town – is a success. Of course, food and service are important to the success of a restaurant, but the location can be just as crucial, especially in the beginning of the restaurant business. Following are the points to remember before choosing the right location for Mr. Idli restaurant business:

  • Visibility: Choose a store which is visible form the road. This will avoid spending money on marketing to pull the customers if the store is not visible.
  • Parking: Some customers are lazy and they will stop only if you have parking at your store. Do not miss out that 15% to 18% of the customers who would not stop at your restaurant just because you do not have parking.
  • Store Infrastructure: Make sure you are not going for the store which is going to spend more on the infrastructure.
  • Store Size: The size of the store is highly important so, choose the store size as per the business plan of Mr. Idli.
  • Store Floor: The ground floor is always preferable for Mr. Idli business. Never choose a cellar space & never choose any upper floors without the lift facility.
  • Safety First: Choose a store which has fire safety standards in place.
  • Know your Competitors: Before choosing the store for Mr. Idli business, always make sure to survey if there any similar concept business on the same road because, you will be just distributing the customers from your competitors.
  • Avoid remote locations: Never choose a location of the store away from human habitation.
  • Negotiate your Lease/Rent: Do not hesitate to negotiate the lease/rent of the store with the owner of the store. Committing for high lease/rental will affect your monthly income.
  • Don’t Be Impulsive: You may visit one spot and decide that it is “the one.” Before you start sketching out the dining room, be sure to visit multiple sites. And visit prospective restaurant sites during different times of days, during the week and on weekends.For example, is the area really busy during the work day and dead at night and on weekends? Patience pays off when selecting a restaurant space.
  • Lock-in Period: Always make sure to sign the agreement with the land lord for 1 or 2 year first and then you can renew the agreement. Sometimes, due to some or the other reasons you may have to shift your location & at that point the land lord may not agree.

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