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All About Hummus

Posted on Wed 17 Jun 2015

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Hummus or Houmous is an Arabic word meaning "chickpeas". It is an Eastern Mediterranean food dip prepared from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Today, it is popular throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Morocco and North Africa.

 Historical facts of Hummus

Many food related sources describe hummus as an ancient food, or connect it to famous historical figures such as Saladin - the Sultan of Egypt and Syria. Indeed, its basic ingredients—chickpeas, sesame, lemon, and garlic—have been eaten in the region since time immemorial.

Hummus in Action

As an appetizer and dip, hummus is scooped with flatbread or chapattis. It is also served as an accompaniment to falafel, grilled chicken, fish or eggplant. It is usually garnished with chopped tomato, cucumber, coriander, parsley, caramelized onions, mushrooms, whole chickpeas, olive oil, hard-boiled eggs, olives, pickles and pine nuts. Outside the Middle East, it is sometimes served with tortilla chips or crackers.

Around the world with Hummus

In the USA, Hummus has topped many lists 'Hot menu items' in 2014. This year, hummus is top of the list when it comes to dips, spreads or condiments. Traditionally a Middle Eastern dip, hummus has been Americanized. The humble chick pea is now decorated with unconventional items such as pumpkin, lamb, chili, artichokes, cilantro, white beans and much more. Hummus is also One of the most popular and best-known of all dishes in Syria and Lebanon. Hummus is also a common part of everyday meals in Israel. For Palestinians and Jordanians, hummus has long been a staple food, often served warm, with bread, for breakfast, lunch or dinner - usually on Friday mornings.

Hummus and Guinness Records

In May 2010, the Guinness World Record for the largest dish of hummus in the world returned to Lebanon. The winning dish, cooked by 300 cooks in the village of al-Fanar, near Beirut, weighed approximately 10450 kg (roughly 23000 lb). According to local media, the recipe included eight tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of tahini, two tons of lemon juice and 70 kg (154 lb) of olive oil. Wow!

Hummus Day

Hummus Day is an annual event celebrated on the third Thursday in May. The holiday started in 2012. The holiday was started by Ben Lang, Miriam Young and a team at a hackathon in Tel Aviv and has been marked by hundreds of thousands of people each year since its inception. People are encouraged to eat hummus for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day itself. Each year the holiday has gone viral around the world. Hundreds of thousands shared it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Many of them take photos of themselves eating hummus and post it on social networks.

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