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10 Steps to Keep your Restaurant Customers Happy

Posted on Mon 30 Mar 2015

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Owning a small a restaurant of their own, is a dream for many would be entrepreneurs who have grown up watching “Friends” or “Seinfield” where their favorite characters have a restaurant where they hang out with friends and have the fun of their lives. However, only a few of those dreamers actually make this restaurant into a reality. Of those who do manage to open their restaurant, many find that managing one is not all as glamorous as seen on T.V. shows. In fact after a brief honeymoon period of a few days, as customers complaints arise – the restaurant may eventually close down.

Providing excellent service is important for any restaurant to keep customers happy. There are various ways to provide good customer service to your patrons. Spend a few minutes talking to your customers, offer the regular ones – a free drink, dessert or ask their feedback on how they liked the meal and their suggestions for improvement. Take these 10 steps and watch your restaurant’s popularity take an upward swing – and yes “Be ready for the rewards”!
1. Have a Small Talk.
Don’t feel that you are trespassing into enemy territory by stepping our into the dining area. Have a small talk with your customer, go out there and introduce yourself. Of course, you don’t have to do it every day nor do you need to talk to everyone – don’t make it a habit or overdo it, lest some people may feel uncomfortable.
2. Get familiar with your Patrons.
After you have been scanning through the dining area a few days or weeks, you will gradually become aware of some familiar faces. Get to know your regular customers, ask them about their work, families and thank them for their patronage.
3. Get the Customer Feedback.
“How was everything?” This is a standard question which must be asked of every customer when they dine at your restaurant. Some customers may feel free to tell you how satisfied or dissatisfied they are – while some may feel comfortable writing it down. Providing a suggestion/comment card at the end of their meal is a good thing to do in order to gain their valuable feedback.
4. Connect via Social Media
Social media sites are the best way to connect with your customers on a personal level. Have a facebook/Twitter/Pinterest profile of your restaurant created and let your customers know about it. Make sure you acknowledge their comments promptly don’t take more than 24-48 hours to do so.
5. Address Problems Fast
Complaints are part of restaurant life. How much ever you may plan, even the best recipe can sometimes end up getting burned or served late. Make sure you address the problem quickly. If you think that the complaint is baseless – still follow the golden rule “Customer is always king”, show him that you care about their feedback.
6. Offer Free Stuff
People just love free stuff. Have some custom –T-shirts with your restaurant logo made and hand them over to regular customers. If couple is regular visitor to your restaurant – how about giving them a free dessert? They will love you for it and probably remain your loyal customers.
7. Have an Attractive Children’s Menu
Don’t just think that a child loves French fries and chicken nuggets. Make sure that the food you are giving the child is healthy as well as tasty. A lot of people visit restaurants only to find that their children don’t have a choice and end up buying them biscuits to munch while they finish their meal.
8. Have a Partnership with Other Businesses
Enter into a partnership with other businesses as a means of boosting your marketing resources. For instance, you can partner with a close-by hotel for a weekend bed& breakfast package. If you are in a mall or situated close to a Movie Cineplex, then you can have discounted tickets available along with a meal as part of a dinner and movie promotion.
9. Be a Role Model for your Staff
Remember the age old saying, “Charity begins at home”? Customer Service begins with your staff. As restaurant owner, be good to your staff and they will be motivated to perform and behave well in front of customers. If your staff are over-worked, under-paid and improperly fed, their work and the restaurant’s reputation suffers in the long run.
10. Reward for Good Customer Service
If an employee gets good customer feedback regularly, reward him with a gift card, free movie tickets etc. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to reward your staff as well as customers. It’s your kind gesture, thoughtfulness, and appreciation for hard work that matters.

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