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4 DIY Ways for Marketing your Restaurant

Posted on Sun 29 Mar 2015

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Apart from good food and service, you also need to market it to lure your customers into visiting your restaurant again and again. 

Follow these Steps :

  1. Have a Marketing Plan

As with most businesses – preparation is vital. A well thought out annual marketing plan is needed to make you focus on getting a consistent inflow of customers.Identify your prime customers, e.g., businessmen, students, children and elderly people. Make sure that you are targeting different people throughout the day or week. Seek the help of some advertising or branding professionals and decide what marketing material is essential. Accordingly, -have your Designs, Voice recording or Video created as per your target market. The marketing plan should be complete with even the minutest details – like your list of tactics, time of implementation, target customers and the place of implementation like malls, theatres, gyms, clubs, associations, colleges, events etc.

Now, the next step is to think about a marketing event, maybe a joint promotion with a theatre (or Cineplex).  For example, you may offer a movie ticket cum dine-in package for two among other things. Have the plan made in form of step by step  bullet points – so that it is easy to implement. This also saves you time to plan for bigger events like Valentine’s day and Mother’s day.

  1. Build a Customer Database

 Stay connected with your customers via social media and email them regular newsletters. Ofcourse you will need their email addresses for that; these can be collected using standard strategies of collecting customer data, like feedback forms, fishbowl for dropping business cards, having email competitions on your website/social media – with the winner getting a free meal each month etc. You can even advertise your contest in the local newspapers. You can even ask the customers their email IDs when they call the restaurant for a home delivery.Your newsletters must be elegantly designed and must contain links to your website’s booking page as well as your social media accounts. Be very particular about the newsletter Title, which determines – whether or not it will be read by customers. Avoid too lengthy newsletters and make sure that it has at least one attractive image. Use sub headings to break – up the text into interesting and informative sub sections.

  1. Target your locality

A large number of people who visit your restaurant will be those living or working in the neighborhood or the surrounding areas – that’s where your target lies. Buildup a list of nearby schools, hospitals, offices or universities – call them up! Speak to the H.R. or H.o.D. and they will be able to lead you to the right people in their company or university who can help organize the promotion events you have in mind. In case of very big companies, invite the big shots for a complimentary meal – just to create goodwill. For smaller companies, just email the key person with a tempting offer. Talk to the local media, invite some key journalists for a complimentary meal. Also consider putting up a joint promotion with a theatre, gym etc.

  1. Start Creative Ad Campaigns

Simply put, this means that you will be doing the kind of campaigns which your competitors have not even thought about. It will take a bit of thinking, but the rewards are various – your promotion will capture the attention of customers, press and online media.

Eg: If it’s Christmas season, have a Guinness Record made in your restaurant, probably for the biggest Christmas Tree made with empty Bisleri bottles or disposable package boxes. You can also make the biggest chapathi (bread) -> even if it is not a Guinness record, it will attract a lot of attention, selfies (self clicked photos) and social media shares if you keep it for display at a vantage point outside the restaurant.

Last but not the least, good marketing is all about relationships – be good to your customers. After all you are working in the hospitality industry, so have a good relationship with your customers as well as your staff. So maintain this good relationship with your customers and local community and you won’t look back.

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