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How to Motivate your Restaurant Staff

Posted on Sun 29 Mar 2015

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If the staff is happy with their work the customers will most probably feel the same way about the service they just received. The food and drinks served at the restaurant may be excellent, but if the customers are not happy with the service then they will never come back. But, the good news is that there are a few steps one can take to motivate the restaurant staff and keep them happy; as a result you will find that the customers taken care of equally well.

Best in Class Salaries

It is important find out what the other restaurants are offering in terms of staff salaries. That way you can have a comparison done with the salaries you are offering. You can also avoid the future problems like having an employee join competitors just because he got a better salary.

Reward Good Work

Don’t miss the many Opportunities to praise your employees. Take notice when he is complimented by satisfied customers, or lends a helping hand to colleagues at their station or perhaps comes up with an outstanding idea to help grow your business.

You must acknowledge those moments, so that your staff become aware that their sincere efforts are not going un-noticed. No, you don’t have to go running to them with a gift in your hand as soon as they do a good job – praise them first, the material reward can be handed over later.

Working hours

Need to motivate your employees who are working overtime? Unscheduled or un-discussed overtime can cause discontent among your staff.  Make sure you follow the agreed-upon working hours to eliminate any causes for discontent. Make your employees know their schedule in advance so that they are content and can plan their free-time activities.

Socialize with your staff sometime

Do you plan annual vacation or trip with your staff? Great! Apart from this, why not have a weekend barbeque or lunch party so that the staff can also feel that they are part of a team and enjoy. The by-product of such activities is trust and a sense of belongingness.


If you happen to lose an employee, you have to spend a substantial amount on getting a new one and giving him the proper training. Your whole schedule can go off track and the restaurant service can be affected. So why not avoid this, by giving hope to your existing employees that their longtime efforts will not go unrewarded. Have a yearly & monthly performance bonus for your staff as a morale booster. Thus your restaurant will be preventing future problems of bad-service and runaway employees and obviously your restaurant service will not be affected.

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