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All about Appetizers

Posted on Sun 29 Mar 2015

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Have you ever thought about the wonderful appetizers served when you are out for a fabulous dinner or lunch? Over the past decade, eating out has become a must have ingredient of our ‘Fun Things to Do’ list. As a rule, this fun usually begins with the appetizers. They are served In such variety that one look at the appetizer menu gets us going round In circles, not knowing where to start. 

What actually are Appetizers? Appetizers are also known as ‘hors d’oeuvres or ‘starters’ and usually served before meals or in between meal times. They can be very simple to complex depending on the occasion and the required preparation time. 

Time for Starters 

Appetizers are served prior to a meal also during weddings, and if the party will extend late into the night and the dinner later on – it’s the right time to bring on the appetizers. Appetizers are served in dinners prior to meal. Starters can also be served at parties, taking place after meal time – like a party which occurs after lunch or dinner so that the guests may be treated to some light snacks. This is also a good idea to serve them when guests are consuming alcohol, so as to cut down on alcohol intake. Many restaurants serve a variety of finger foods as a first course prior to the meal. 

Appetizer Contents 

So what goes into making these appetizers? Actually appetizers can range from a plate of crackers and cheese, soups, pappad, to chopped vegetables and fruits, small sausages etc. The bottom line is that the food must be easy to handle with just a tissue/ napkin and eatable in just a couple of bites. This also gives the opportunity for guests to mingle with each other without being burdened with those heavy food plates, spoons, forks and knives.

Starters : Dos and Don’ts

 When you are selecting starters, you must select those which go well together and taste different & unique. As a host you can consider other foods such as stuffed mushroom caps, fruits and vegetables cut in easily handled sizes. You could alternatively think of a cheese plate, or Fish Fingers or chicken wings. Since starters are served in big parties, the hosts or restaurant caterers should take care not to prepare foods which people commonly allergic to; they should be taken off the menu right away. lf you choose to serve a shellfish appetizer, do not disguise it and make sure the shellfish doesn’t come into contact with other food being served. The hosts must also avoid common allergens like peanuts & be sure that if they still plan to serve them – they must be kept Ina separate serving bowl. 

Just the Beginning 

Whatsoever you may plan to serve, you can choose from thousands of appetizers; there are entire cookbooks written on the subject and thousands of recipes online. The operating word is ‘be different’ – think out of the box and surprise your guests with some fabulously flavoured and tasty appetizers. 

Party Advice  

Don’t allow these tasty appetizers to ‘cross borders and occupy the space in your heart (or stomach) actually reserved for the main course Remember, they are lust the tip of the iceberg. So go ahead and enjoy the main course too!!! Happy Eating!!! For Restaurant Franchise Opportunities call +91 9036580222 or email : You can also visit our website

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