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Tips for Lessening Noise at Your Restaurant

Posted on Tue 24 Mar 2015

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Restaurants should have an ambience which completely puts the customer at ease. Apart from great interiors and great food, a restaurant must also have certain calm about it. Unwanted noises can affect restaurant ambience and become a turn-off for customers!

Reducing Restaurant Noise

Lessening unwanted noise can sometimes be just a matter of removing the sounds which originate from conversation, the air conditioning and heating system, clatter from side stations, or music from a nearby place.

Noise from Machines

Noise can be lessened by having the machines installed on proper locations – especially those producing constant noises like ice machines with compressors that periodically keep switching on and off. If your small restaurant has a dining room adjacent to the bar, you can opt for an ice machine with a condenser which is roof-mounted.

Aesthetic Restaurant Flooring and Noise

If you have selected decorative tiling for dining room floors – probably for aesthetic reasons, - then it is time for carpeting in areas with high traffic to reduce footstep noises in waiting room or reception area. You can also provide your staff with rubber soles to avoid them from slipping as well as control the footstep noises.

Controlling Reflection of Sound in your Restaurant

Sound waves reflect off walls like the billiards balls bounce off the bumpers. If we have hard floor surfaces like granite and marble, then you must have a soft ceiling for obvious reasons. Utilize acoustical ceiling finishes or foam baffles hung from ceiling.You can also opt for “window treatments” like curtains, valances etc. You can even place sound absorbing materials such as carpet remnants or foam for the purpose of sound dampening.The bottomline is that the modification should not compromise the aesthetics!

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