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All about Sizzlers

Posted on Sat 07 Mar 2015

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Sizzlers were basically introduced in the United States of America and the reason why they were introduced was to keep food hot until it was consumed. Casseroles were not in the market and all that was readily available was a hot iron or wooden plate. When meat, vegetables or rice items were poured into this plate they started to sizzle (a hissing noise made while cooking or frying), so that’s how the term ‘Sizzlers’ was born.

Sizzlers in South India

Having gained popularity in USA, the trend moved to Europe and Asia. When you ask about Sizzlers in South India, you will find that very few people are aware of it. The Idli and other South Indian products are converted into a fusion dish are served in form of Sizzlers at Mr.Idli’s chain of Franchise Restaurants.

Healthy Food from Mr.Idli

“Sizzlers are made up of fermented batter that constitutes Idlis, where flavours from Europe, East and South-East Asia are incorporated into the recipe to make them interesting and tasty” says Mr.Shajahan, CEO of 9pax Restaurant Consultants and creator of brands Tandooriwala, Mysore Masala Dosa and Mr.Idli. “It’s a small meal or snack for anyone who likes food to be hot and sizzling. Sizzlers are offered in a lot of variations ranging from Tangy to Sweet Spice and Hot Spice combination. That’s the specialty of sizzlers at Mr.Idli”.

Kids and Sizzlers?

They are basically an all-time favourite and popular among people of all age groups. Anyone who loves Chinese and Indian fusion food would opt for Sizzlers. You might have visited many international franchise restaurants. They have a special kid’s menu and serve nothing but JUNK – I repeat its nothing but JUNK food in the name of Kid’s specialties or whatever fancy title. The specialty of Mr.Idli’s Sizzlers is that it’s suitable for kids, the best part of it being that it is made out of the healthy idlis- which are obviously fat or cholesterol free.

Can Sizzlers be prepared at home?

Now that’s a million dollar question. The answer is a simple ‘YES!’ It takes 5-10 minutes. In fact whenever you prepare idli – you might have noticed the cute amusing faces kids make. While idlis are one of the best health food, we as parents must admit that kids – go for looks and taste – not nutritional value. So go for Sizzlers AND most important of all – notice the smile on their faces – it’s enough to brighten your entire day! Recipe coming soon on!


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