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Popular sweet dishes for Makara Sankranthi Festival

Posted on Fri 16 Jan 2015

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The very thought of an upcoming festival brings to our minds, a myriad of images as well as aroma of sweets which will be devoured on that occasion! Makara Sankranthi is fast coming up and I’m sure most of you will be gearing up for the occasion by putting your taste buds – on “high alert” – and looking for any new dishes to gobble up.

As we all know, Makara Sankranthi is a festive day and it is spectacularly celebrated across India – thus marking the arrival of spring season and bidding farewell to the cold winter. This very day we have harvest festivals across the Indian sub continent, like Lohri in Punjab, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, and Makara Sankranthi in Karnataka.
This welcome change in seasons is welcomed by flying kites as well as eating mouth watering, traditional Indian delicacies. The basic ingredients are more or less the same i.e., jaggery, black gram, and other region specific additions.
So let’s take a look at some of the specialties.

Gulachi Poli or Jaggery roti

Gulachi Poli or Jaggery roti
It is a delicacy of Maharashtra consisting of flat bread stuffed with sesame, jaggery and gram flour that’s roasted in pure ghee into a golden brown colour. Click here for recipe.

Til laddoos

Til Laddoos
Til is nothing but the harvest produce and therefore consumed a lot during the festival. The til laddoos are something we are all familiar with and they are prepared in every household on this occasion. Get the recipe here.

Makara Chaula

This is a specialty from Orissa and it is prepared with freshly harvested rice, sesame, banana, coconut, and jaggery. Get the recipe here.

Til Pitha

Til Pitha Recipe
This is a traditional sweet prepared in Assam prepared during Makara Sankranthi. It resembles a pan cake and consists of stick rice stuffed with jaggery and til. Click for recipe .


Pati Shapta Recipe
In Bengal people, “eat their way to bliss” – courtesy of Traditional Bengali sweets. Patishapta is another sweet pancake that’s stuffed with a mix of coconut, khova and date palm jaggery. Click here for recipe

Kurmure/Murmura Chikki

This traditional Dish is made with jiggery and puffed rice. It is said to be very auspicious to prepare in your home – Kurmure Chikki @ Sankranthi . Get recipe here.

Sakkarai Pongal

Sweet Pongal recipe from mr.Idli
This delicacy is made with Jaggery, moong dal, pure ghee and cashew nuts cooked in cardamom. This rich dish is a must have @ Pongal. Get Recipe here.


This is a dish is a ‘hard candy’ kind of a sweet dish. It is made up of sesame and has an outer coating of jaggery. This dish is popular in Punjab and taken during Makara Sankranthi. Get recipe here.

Pinni Sweet

This is again a Punjabi as well as North Indian delicacy which is made with dry fruits, rice flour, ghee and sugar. Get recipe here.

Puli Pitha

This is a Bengali delicacy, which is prepared during this festive season. It consists of a sweet dumpling which is immersed in creamy spice-studded milk and yes it tastes good! Get recipe here.

Til Chikkis

This is a delicacy from Gujarat and made with peanuts, jaggery and sesame seeds.Get recipe here.

As we see, there are a lot of sweet dishes to choose from on this festive season, so let the celebrations begin! For franchise enquiries call +91 90365 80222 or email You can also visit our website on


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