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Who Invented Idli?

Posted on Thu 19 Oct 2017

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Idli It seems to be a funny question but relevant now. The World Health Organization listed Idli as one of the most hygienic and nutritious food. It is the favourite breakfast of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Along with Sambar, Idli nourishes us.


Then how it originated? Very interesting to note that, “Idli” is the modified form of “Kedli” of Indonesia. The story goes like this… Fermented food especially Kedli is the most favourite food of Indonesia. Once a Hindu King of Indonesia visited South India during 8 th century looking for Bride. The cooks accompanied the King prepared Kedli to serve him. The Indian cooks studied the preparation of Kedli and modified according to their imagination.


Originally, the Idli was a preparation of fermented Blackgram pulp but later rice also added to fasten the fermentation process.


In India, Idli originated in Karnataka according to the writing Vaddaradhane of Sivakoty Acharya of 920 AD. It describes Idli as one of the 18 items served to a Brahmachari visited in homes.


In Tamil Nadu, the” Ittali” originated around 17th century AD.


Whether imported from Indonesia or invented in India, it’s worth noting that Idli full fills the needs of a fasting stomach. It gives carbohydrates for energy and protein for growth. Its good bacteria generate lot of Vitamin B.


An interesting thing is that a person consuming Idli daily will not have head ache because the black gram has the property to inhibit head ache. The side dish Sambar is one of the nutritious vegetable soup that contains many vegetables, spices, tamarind, Asafoetida etc which keeps the stomach healthy and prevents acidity and indigestion.

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