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Our Passion, Your Success

Posted on Wed 21 Sep 2016

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Mr. Idli – the Final Destination for the Yummiest South Indian Food.


What makes Mr. Idli the most successful Restaurant? Why choose Mr. Idli?


The Unique Selling Preposition of Mr. Idli:          

Quick Service’ Business Model for Restaurants.

Due to the alternative cooking techniques, the cost of production reduces by 40%.

100% Pure Vegetarian South Indian Food with Fusion Delicacies.

We use High Quality Raw Materials & follow the HACCP, ISO 22000 & FSSAI Standards.

Our recipes reduce Dependency on Skilled Manpower.

Lesser Investment with Easy to Operate & Manageable Business Model.

Royalty Free Business Opportunity.

Peak Hour Restaurant Business Models.

Strategic Manpower Selection and complete Training.

Mouth Watering Delicacies, Improved Recipes and consistent quality and taste will Retain Customer Loyalty


Our recipe to success:

Peak Hour Business Model

To begin with, our Restaurant works from 7.00am to 12.00 noon in the morning and from 5.00pm to 10.00pm in the evening.

No Lunch is served as it comes with its own disadvantages. Serving Lunch would mean requirement of larger space for cooking, resulting in more investment towards space. It would also mean that there would be a requirement for more manpower, more wastage of food, bulk preparation of meals, etc.

Mr. Idli offers the quickest service of less than 90 seconds during peak hours.

It is as simple as the customer going to the coupon counter, collecting the coupon and giving it at the food counter to take their food.


Less Investment and Quick Returns for the Mouth Watering South Indian Cuisine

Mr. Idli’s Breakfast and Snacks, with our lip smacking delicacies alone, would result in reduced investment and quick returns. With our Authentic Recipes and quality raw materials, increased returns are assured.


Happy Employees due to Excellent Work Culture Policy

Our Menu Products are Easy to prepare which requires lesser Time, Effort and Energy.

Easy preparation methods to make our yummiest delicacies, reduces the stress on our employees. What do we get? Happy Employees who are willing to work for us, for a longer term. Our employees are trained to work as a team and thus the environment also remains pleasant.


Lesser Manpower Requirements and Dependency

Mr. Idli products are so easy to prepare that we would not need more manpower to do this. We also do not have to live in constant fear of the cook leaving us for a better job, with our recipe. It is a guaranteed process of having the same quality and tasty food around the year. With the comprehensive training and auditing being done by us for the employees, along with our high quality raw materials, the dependency is very limited.

All Time Quality Consistent Products

At Mr. Idli, we do not compromise on the Quality of our products. This quality helps us to maintain our consistency as well. The Quality and Consistency will remain the same throughout the year.  


5000 years old Authentic Recipes to Treat the Taste Buds Worldwide

Mr. Idli provides the Yummilicious Delicacies using the Age Old Authentic Recipes. These are recipes that have been passed on through generations. South Indian food is the simplest food one could have. They are healthy, nutritious and tasty to eat.

We care for you

Today’s lifestyle is very sedentary. We see more medical centers mushrooming in our neighborhood.

South Indian food is proven to be light on the stomach, healthy and tasty as well. For eg. a plate of Idli in the morning with Chutney and Sambar, maybe along with a Vada, is light, delicious, nutritious and gives you all the energy to go through the morning tasks.

We also give utmost care to maintain hygiene. The food is not touched with bare hands. Due to our more streamlined process of cooking and new methods, there are absolutely no chances of rats, rodents or any other pests. 


Our Terms and Conditions

Our representative will review the location you have selected. If we are satisfied, you will be advised to sign a Letter of Intent, along with a nominal amount of INR 25,000/-, for the confirmation of your interest to join hands with us to run the South Indian, Quick Service Restaurant. If the location selection is unsatisfactory, the Letter of Intent amount will not be refunded, as it is treated towards Travel, Food, Accommodation & Feasibility Analyst Consultation Day Charges.


Working with Mr. Idli will only enhance your entrepreneurship which will help you run a successful business always.


Mr. Idli assures you of our Best Quality and Services.

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