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Posted on Thu 04 Aug 2016

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We all love Hot and Crispy Dosa, Hot Vada, Soft Idlis and Yummiest Sambar of South India. Have you ever realized having your own restaurant serving these delicacies? 
We all want to start a food business. Common, accept the fact! Somewhere, sometime in your life you wanted to cook, serve or even be a owner of a successful restaurant on the corner of the road. However, you stop dreaming or even imagine to be an entrepreneur in food and beverage business because of the fear of failure. Failure is visible all around you. Someone next street opened an awesome restaurant with huge investment and by the month you even decided to dine in there, the restaurant is closed!!! The rumor is that the staffs ran away, the food quality was not good or the owner went bankrupt and due to the loss, he shut down the outlet.
In any business the the golden 4 p's are the keys for success which are like.. product, place, people and price. For any business to be successful consistently, one has to follow all the p's. For a food business, you have to master these rules to be a successful restaurant entrepreneur. Over the years of our research and development, Mr. Idli has made tremendous effort in finding solution to be a consistently successful restaurant business owner. 
Mr. Idli now provides comprehensive training the way any International Brands at your neighborhood provides with hand held training, skill analysis and development, strategic recruitment and retaining methodologies, easy to understand user manuals, recipe preparation videos, continuous SOP auditing and skill development with integrated MIS. We have removed the human dependency and introduced process accuracy. 
A customer asked one of our Mr. Idli outlet owner one day, " how the hell you manage the South Indian food quality which is always tastes so good all the time?". Well, the reply was interesting and it definitely motivated us. The Mr. Idli owner replied to his customer's question, "We are good at one thing and we make sure we do the best than anyone else". That one thing which he meant was "Cooking & Serving the Best Pure Vegetarian South Indian Delicacies". Stories like these, each days of our lives, make us complete and drive us through all challenges in being the best out of the rest.
We at Mr. Idli are food centric and we make sure that our South Indian food tastes awesome with fresh ingredients and live cooking on order. Our recipes are simple, healthy and definitely feels yummylicious each time our soft idlis melts in your mouth or crispy dosa keeping you ticking for another serving or the aromatic filter coffee oozing you down to life's best karma, " Live & Let Live" each time you surp it!!! 
Mr. Idli serves more than five thousand recipes from five states of South India. Our raw materials that we supply is manufactured as per local taste buds preferences & demand. Mr. Idli invites you to own a successful restaurant business with an opportunity to become an entrepreneur in the Food and Beverage Industry.  Life doesn't wait, birth and death is not under our control but, what we do in between is what makes us "who we are". So, do not miss this opportunity in owning your Mr. Idli successful restaurant business.  To know more, email us at


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