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Posted on Mon 21 Sep 2015

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Rasam is pre­pared mainly with black pepper and tamarind or tomato, both ingredients abundant in South India.Rasam, chaaru, saaru or kabir is a South Indian soup, traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, chili pepper, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings. Steamed lentils can be added along with any preferred vegetables. Nowadays, all the seasonings required are combined and ground beforehand into rasam powder, which is available commercially. In addition to that, like Iced Tea and Cold Coffee, Rasam is also marketed commercially as Chilled Rasam. It is eaten with rice or separately as a spicy soup. In a traditional meal, it is preceded by a sambar rice course and is followed by curd rice. Rasam has a distinct taste in comparison to the sambar due to its own seasoning ingredients and is usually fluid in consistency In Tamil, rasam means "juice". It can refer to any juice, but rasam com­monly refers to soup pre­pared with tamarind or tomato juice with added spices and gar­nish. Saaru in Kan­nada or chaaru in Telugu means "essence" and, by ex­ten­sion, "juice" or "soup". Rasa in Sanskrit means "taste" and "juice".

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