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SALESUnitScenario 1 Scenario 2Scenario 3Remarks 3
Projected Daily Sales: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Home Delivery, Take Away, Party & Functions, Dine-in. Rs./day 60000 50000 45000
Annual Turnover Rs. Lakh 21840000 18200000 16380000 (A)
Monthly Rentals Rs. Lakh 210000 210000 210000 AREA :1000Sqft@Rs.110/Sqft
Staff Accomodation Rent Rs. Lakh 10000 10000 10000
Monthly Manpower Cost Rs. Lakh 160000 160000 160000
Total Monthly Fixed Costs Rs. Lakh 380000 380000 230000 (B)
Monthly Food Cost @ 26% Rs. Lakh 473200 394333 354900
Monthly Royalty @ 6% Rs. Lakh 109200 91000 81900
Monthly Energy & Fuel Cost @ 6% Rs. Lakh 109200 121333 109200
Total Monthly Variable Costs Rs. Lakh 691600 606667 546000 (C)
Total Monthly Costs Rs. Lakh 1071600 986667 926000
Total Annual Cost Rs. Lakh 12859200 11840000 11112000 D = (B+C)*12
Annual Gross Profit Rs. Lakh 8980800 6360000 5268000 E=(A-D)
Project Cost Rs. Lakh 2000000 2000000 2000000
Franchisee Fee Rs. Lakh 400000 400000 400000
General Client Scope Rs. Lakh 300000 300000 300000
Total Investment Rs. Lakh 2700000 2700000 2700000 F
Return on Investment Months 4 5 6 F/E

Kindly Note:

  • The Sales are mentioned on average. It is not fixed to what we have mentioned in this ROI statement. The weekday sales are lesser than the weekend sales. Comparitively we have taken on average. Mr. Idli Xpress has the capacity to reach INR 50,000 on an Avg.
  • The contribution of sales against the bevereages & food is, Beverages- Contributes 10% of the sales & Food- Contributes 90% of the sales.
  • Contribution of overall revenue is based on the Self Service 40%, Parcel/ Take Away 40%, Home Delivery 20%.
  • The Rental what we have mentioned here is rupees 110/- per sq ft in a prime location, however the rental needs to be calculated as per your local cost charged by the owner.
  • Manpower cost may vary from location to location. So the manpower cost mentioned here in the ROI calculation is based on 2 tier cities.
  • The Calculation of this ROI is based on 2 tier cities, The expenses will increase as well as the revenue will increase.
  • The food cost is calculated @26% & it can reduce to another 2% depending on wastage control & informed supervision.
  • The energy & the fuel cost is calculated @8% based on the 2 tier cities rate.
  • As we believe in transparency in business we have included clients scope of investment like Plumbing, Electrical, Civil, Painting, Gas pipeline, Housekeeping tools, fire extinguisher solution, Utility Solution & HR Requirements like Beds, Pillows & Stationaries for the staff.
  • The Client Scope of work will vary from 20 to 25% depending on the site condition & the local contract fee.
  • Staff Accomodation rent is mentioned as Rs. 10,000/- per month for 5 to 8 people.
  • You need to have a working capital of Rs. 3,00,000/- in the beginning of the business startup.
  • The TAXES will vary from State to State. Income Mentioned(Gross profit) in the ROI is the gross profit & not the NET Income


The Points mentioned above are purely for your understanding & not for sharing this information with anyone without our approval. Mr. Idli has tried to explain all points without hiding any cost or information in regards to doing Mr. Idli business. Any business which claims investment without including your scope of investment & working capital is not a professional way of business approach.


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