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Kitchen Equipment SS 304 Dosa Plate, Bulk Cooking Burners, Chinese & Indian Burners, Mobile Tandoor, Hot Bain Marie, Work Tables with Sink, Work Tables with Freezer, Storage Refrigerators, Plate Rack, Dish Landing Table, Day Storage Racks, Grinders, Juice Counter, Dish Washing Sink. 585000
Exhaust & Fresh Air System Exhaust & Fresh Air Hood & Duct Approx for 500sqft. Fresh Air & Exhaust System with Blowers, Oil Filter & Trap. 165000
Business Operations Tools Various Cooking, Preparation, Storing Utensils, Serving tools, Cutting tools, House Keeping Tools, Maintenance Tools, Storing Solutions, Serving Tools, Bone China, Filter Coffee Maker, Milk Boiler, Heavy Duty Mixie, Kitchen Line Serving Tools, Information Tools, Cleaning Solution, Pest Control System, Medical Kit, Etc.. 420000
Uniforms Company Standard Uniforms with Safety Shoes, Protecting Amenities. 75000
Packing Machine & Packing Materials Garbage Solution, Packing Machine & Packing Solutions for Kitchen & Take Away. 60000
POS Software Company Standard POS Software, imenu, Inventory System, Stock Management Sync Module, Home Delivery Software, Take Away Software, ifeedback, Customer Loyalty Module, KOT Free Display System. 45000
Furniture Tables, Chairs, Cash Counters, Side stations, Standing Tables, Wall Slabs, Family Room Cusion cum Chair Seating. 440000
Branding Main LED Sign Board, Oneway Visions, Stud Boards, Mannequin, LED Running Board, Brand Collaterals, Operations Collaterals, Standies, Flyers, Menu Cards etc. 210000
Project Cost before Taxes 2000000
General Scope of Client (May Vary According to Location) 300000
Working Capital 300000
Franchisee Fee Service Tax Applicable 400000
Grand Total 3000000

Kindly Note:

  • Fixed Investment, only the difference amount will be shared.
  • Above costs does not include False Ceiling & Floor Tiling.
  • The Licensing charges depend on local arrangements and can vary from location to location.
  • The Civil, Plumbing, Electricity, Gas Connection, Wall Tiling expenses are mentioned in ROI Statement and are approximate charges and this does not include any major alterations and repairs.
  • You must also take care of Working Capital which is mentioned in the ROI Statement.
  • The building advance, Power Backup and any other extra repairs are not included.

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