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What is Mr.Idli Xpress Concept?

This is a quick and easy to dine model, and created in-line with the fast and busy lifestyle in most cities. This restaurant model takes care to see that we do not have to wait for long, and have mouth watering delicacies served or parcelled within a short time. It is a standalone model. This is a less investment and high returns model. Even though it is named “Mr.Idli”, you can expect South Indian Delicacies with beverages.

How is Mr.Idli Xpress presented in the market?

Mr.Idli Xpress is a "Healthy and Delicious Restaurant" serving South Indian and Combo Delicacies along with Beverages.

What is the guarantee on ROI?

The return on investment purely depends on your performance and ability to excel in all challenges. Do not expect miracle to happen! Even though you must be having the best of the locations and the best team to deliver yet, you need to steer the business or else, you will end up losing your investment. However, we will provide excellent training to control and develop your business but, you are the key to success and failure.

Can I add any local menu item to the Mr.Idli Menu?

Off Course but, with the permission from the Mr.Idli Head Office. Also, if the menu proposed by you is approved then you will have to provide training to the chefs recruited. The chefs who are recruited may know more than they should know or even less but, you need to be careful not to disturb them by confusing them with extra menu items.

Do you change or update menu frequently?

Yes, we keep checking what is best sold and which is the unwanted overhead. We keep updating the menu seasonally to list it young and interesting year long.

Do you supply the raw materials?

Yes, we do supply raw materials which are highly important to maintain quality consistency. For few locations we do deliver most of the items and for few locations, we will provide you the most important spices and herbs. We are prepared to grow and we understand that your location will provide us with many more outlets then, we will have our centralized kitchen or supply ware house of our raw materials.

What is the list of things which you supply?

Batter and Raw Ingredients, Spices and Herbs, Packing Materials, Soft and Hard Skills Training time to time.

Where do you setup your centralize kitchen?

We will do the survey and then we shall setup the accessibility.

Why should I purchase raw materials from you?

By purchasing from us, you will have standard year long quality and growing customers.

What are the charges for the raw materials that I purchase from you? When should I do the payments for the raw materials that I purchase from you?

We will advise you during the signing of the agreement, as it’s our internal process and understanding.

What is the profit margin percentage in this business?

Any food business has profits but, whatever you save as well is your profit. Over cooking and wastage along with lesser sales will result in lesser margin. We encourage prospective franchisees to conduct significant due diligence prior to committing to any new business venture. The amount of profit or loss is dependent on a number of factors including the franchisee's ability to manage the business, drive sales volume, and control operating costs. However on an average, your profit margin should be more than 200%.

Who will pay the building advance if any?

You, as a franchisee should pay the building advance under your firm name. As advised, always make agreement on yearly basis, if ever your location has some problem on a later stage, you can shift your location to a new place and we will assist you for reopening again with some nominal charges.

Who will pay the staff salary?

Even though the skilled staffs will be recruited from the franchisor, the salary for the staffs working under the franchisee must be taken care by the franchisee.

Who will recruit the skilled staffs and provide them the training?

The franchisor will recruit the skilled staffs and provide training. Our training is intensive and we will advise you the process on your visit to our head office. We have an R & D Kitchen in Mysore with the complete setup and can accommodate up to 20 employees during their training period. All travel, food and accommodation along with their salary expenses should be provided from the Franchisee.

Do you provide SOP manual?


Do you provide SOP training?


How is the product pricing of Mr.Idli Xpress?

The pricing decided by the Franchisor is per the local demand and trend. We don’t want to be less or expensive’ however, affordable. Each time our customer dines with us, they feel the value of the money spent.

Who will identify the vendors locally?

The franchisor will identify local vendors for vegetables, dairy products and dry stock and apply contract with the franchisee. These are the items which you may require in the local market on day to day basis.

Can I buy the equipments and tools locally?

No. Our equipments are made according to our menu and standards as well as our tools are made to order so, we will be having the stock in hand for the same purpose so, we advise you to purchase from us.

Can I purchase the interiors and exteriors like furniture’s, brand elements, pos, tools and sign boards locally?


Can I get any discount on franchise fee and royalty?

No! on Royalty but, you can expect discount on franchise fee depending on your prompt coordination and interest with the best location for our business.

What is the guarantee that staffs recruited will not run away leaving the job?

We have standardized HR system which will not allow staffs to quit the job without any reason and there will be an agreement between the employer and employee by law to follow the terms and conditions mutually and avoid any situation which will lead to loss of either party. Also, we will re recruit the staff by providing training again in a situation where the employee provides a month notice.

If I do not want to run the business due to some problem then, can I quit and what are the terms and conditions?

Well, we will try to settle your business through local buyers and re do the new agreement with them and collect the franchisee fee from them and pay you along with the immoveable and moveable property settlement. Understand that there will be 20% charges on the fee that you should let go along with 10% depreciation on the moveable assets. You can get back the building advance but, you need to convince the building owner. However, a rental hike of 5% can be accepted. If there are any repairs and damages, you need to take care of the same before handing over the premises to the new franchisee.

Who can apply for this business?

Anyone who can give full time can apply for this business.

Is the term renewable?

Yes and without any further charges.

Is there home delivery facility?

Yes, there is home delivery within 3 kms radius from your business which is free of charges for Rs. 200/- and above bill amount. For less than Rs. 200/- , Rs. 15 will be charged for delivery.

Is your trade mark applied for registered?

Our brand trade mark and word mark is registered worldwide and any misuse of our brand name will be penalized under the local law.

What marketing support will I get from investing in you?

Our investment itself is less and so, we will provide all digital support and expect you to take care of the print and other local Media. However, we will be having a press meet during the opening of your outlet.

I want to open multiple stores, what should I do?

Well, you need to have a centralized kitchen and the investment will increase but, you will increase your revenue by multiple stores.

Do I have to provide accommodation for the staffs recruited?

For out station staffs, yes.

Do I have to pay 5k or 10k towards LOI?

Yes, it is to confirm that you are not just passing by but, serious about doing our business. It also helps us to visit your location with confirmation.

Is the LOI amount refundable?

Yes, if your location is not selected after our visit the travel & accommodation expenses will be deducted & refunded, and if selected, the travel &accommodation expenses will be deducted and adjusted to the project cost.

What is my scope of work?

Plumbing, electrical, civil, painting, false ceiling, wall tiling, AC (If required), CCTV camera, Home Delivery Vehicle, Mini Goods Van if your location has a high demand for party orders- Out Door Catering(ODC) and restaurant flooring. We will plan what is required and advise you with minimalist design and lesser expensive drawings and specification.

How many days are required for the setup of the business?

Approximately 30- 45days from the signing of the agreement.

What is the man power required and the average approximate salary of each person?

Please refer our Hierarchy Chart.

Is financing available?

No, but we can provide you the estimate as per your location after visiting your location for feasibility check.

Does Mr.Idli provide franchise to partners, LLP or Private Limited to do the business?

Mr.Idli provides franchise business to individuals who can personally operate their restaurants and are involved in the day to day operation of their restaurants. If you are a partnership, LLP or a private limited company, we request you to have one person involvement in all operational activities.

Will size / space depend for Mr. Idli Xpress restaurant’s returns?

Yes, extra the space, more the covers to turnover. In few cases, we can use the extra space for parties and functions however, depends from region to region.

What Billing P.O.S (software & hardware) is provided with our Restaurant Model?

Complete billing solutions, Touch screen Display also one for the customer view, Cash Drawer, MSR reader, Two Printers, Inventory solutions, food cost solutions, business analysis, captain profiles and customer loyalty programmes.

If you are satisfied with the FAQ and feel to know more than, please click on application form to receive the franchise kit for your offline reference.


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